Benjamin Wong


cryptocurrency and nft's explained

I’m LOVING the crypto and NFT’s space right now. Initially, it made absolutely no sense why someone would pay thousands of dollars for a JPEG. After doing the research, there’s so much more to NFT’s and Crypto then just hype and art. Easily, I can envision a future where every single industry and person on this planet will be living a life where NFT’s and crypto are just as mainstream as internet and social media today. I don’t know how exactly, but I hope you follow along and join the journey!


Sports cards investing

After making a huge score on 1500 old MLB and NFL cards at a garage sale, I decided to do more research on the art of sports cards. For anyone else out there who loves making money off sports, here’s some of my favorite guides and advice out there!


Garage sale flipping: a how-to

Garage Sale flipping is one of the most quick and profitable ways to make $100 a week. And the best part, it’s super fun! In this blog post, I’ll explain how I got started in garage sale flipping, and my four steps to get you to domination!

book club

Crushing It! by Gary Vaynerchuck Book Summary for Kids

How to be "Crushing It!" in the 21st century

In Crushing It!, Gary Vaynerchuck makes his case for why now is the best and easiest time to be successful, due to the impact of social media. He explains what a 21st-century entrepreneur is made of, and his best tips and strategies for navigating the 8 major social media networks.