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the stories, inspirations, and advice behind the world' greatest entrepreneurs

Benjamin Wong, entrepreneur and visionary, interviews some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs from a 14-year old’s perspective to empower and inspire today’s generation of youth to be equipped for tomorrow’s future.

helping young people build their entrepreneur lifestyle

Welcome to the Kid CEO Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, and visionary Benjamin Wong. On this audio experience, you’ll find a mix of inspirational kidpreneur stories, the Kid CEO Book Club, Kid CEO Live!, explainers, interviews I’ve given, and more new thoughts I record exclusively for you!

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The Original kids debate show

Hosted by Benjamin Wong, 14-year old self-proclaimed “news-iac”, Fireflies explores the hottest topics of today’s political landscape from the perspectives of everyday teens. From the Black Lives Matter movement to anti-trust laws, Ben and two new weekly debaters will keep kids informers and entertained with bipartisan and relevant ideas, because even though we may come small, we have bright minds, and big ideas

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Uniting the next generation of entrepreneurs

On this Kid CEO Blog, the vast community of up-and-coming leaders and entrepreneurs unite to their thoughts on business, wellness, and on just being a teen!

become rich in mindset, passion, and purpose

Rich Kids Global is an online entrepreneur education website dedicated to helping today’s youth develop a better mindset, and finding their passion and purpose. With program such as the Entrepreneurs Book Club and Successful-Startup, there’s something every kid will enjoy.