Start your Day with Superfoods


Start your day with "super-scrambled eggs"

Prep: 5 Min   Cook: 5 Min   Total: 10 Min   Servings: 1   Difficulty: Easy

“Super-Scrambled Eggs” is the first recipe in the Kid CEO Cookbook, a digital collection of quick, delicious, easy, and healthy recipes designed just for the busy kidpreneur lifestyle. Each recipe comes with flexible quantities, meaning you have the ability to completely customize taste and proportions to your liking. Every recipe also comes with a Kid CEO, Fireflies, or YoungTrep episode to listen to while you cook. Continue reading for the full recipe to “Super-Scrambled Eggs” or visit @officialbenjaminwong on instagram for more delicious meals. Enjoy!

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"Super Scrambled Eggs" combines the power of kale, turmeric, and sweet potatoes with the efficiency of the classic scrambled eggs. With a lighting-fast total cook and prep-time, you'll be super-starting your day in no time!


-Can easily inter-change ingredients 

-Tasty use of Kale

-Hard to get Wrong


☐ 2-3 Raw Eggs

☐ 1/4 of a Skinned Sweet Potatoes, Diced

☐ 1 Handful of Washed Kale, Chopped

☐ 1 Pinch of Paprika

☐ Cooking Oil



☐ Grapefruit

☐ Bell Peppers


Step One

Skin one sweet potato. Cut off 1/4 of the sweet potato and dice into small cubes.

Step Two

Place diced sweet potatoes onto a skillet, at medium temperature, coated with cooking oil. Pour  1/2 cup of water into pan, and sprinkle 1 pinch of paprika. Cover skillet until the sweet potatoes turn golden.

Step Three

Break eggs into bowl, with a tablespoon of water or milk, and salt or pepper Using a fork, chopstick, or blender, beat until eggs are fully broken up and mixed well. 

Step Four

Remove sweet potatoes from skillet after edges golden. Re-coat pan with thin layer of oil or butter. Pour eggs into skillet, with medium/low tempurature. Using a spatula, pull cooked outer edges in towards center of the eggs.

Step five

Soon, the eggs will no longer be fluid and collect in the center of the skillet. Break up the scramble and flip undercooked areas until all areas are fully cooked. 

Step six

Take a handful of chopped kale and scrunch it up into your hands. Yo should feel an oily-texture and notice a new scent from the kale. Place your kale, cooked sweet potatoes, and any other ingredients in your scrambled eggs and mix for 1 minute.

Step seven

After all the ingredients are mixed up and scramble eggs are cooked, empty skillet onto plate. In only 10 minutes, you’ve made a healthy and delicious super-scrambled egg!


Wash and slice a ripe grapefruit in half. Cut out the grapefruit meat and cut an * into it. Then, coat the top of the grapefruit with light sugar. Place next to your super-scrambled eggs.